Saving Scheme

GROUP NAME Groups Your Payment Bonus Total Amount
F1 250 3750 250 4,000
G1 500 7500 500 8,000
H1 1,000 15,000 1,000 16,000
L 2,000 30,000 2,000 32,000
VSJ 3,000 45,000 3,000 48,000
A 5,000 75,000 5,000 80,000
A1 10,000 1,50,000 10,000 1,60,000

Terms and Conditions

 This saving Schemes are monthly based Schemes.

 Every group has fifteen {15} Installments.

 A member should pay a fixed amount till the 15th installment, the amount will fixed based on the group chosen by a member.

 A member can choose any group as per their wish, once the group has confirmed and paid the 1st installment then the member cannot change the group and the installment amount.

 Member cannot pay the installment amount prior to the installment date.

 A member cannot pay more than one installment in a month.

 The payment of installment should be after the 30th day of previous installment.

 A group will matured on the 16th month, a member can purchase any goods on the 16th month of maturity. Any prior defaults will have an effect on the maturity date.

 If a member want to discontinue the Saving Scheme, he/she can get back his/her paid amount without any bonus and additions.

 A pass book will be given to the member on joining which is to be updated periodically.

 If a member has joined through online, he/she should come directly to our premises with a valid identity proof and payment of acknowledgement to claim pass book.

 Pass book is mandatory to purchase any goods under ‘Saving Scheme’.

 All disputes are subject to Thoothukudi jurisdiction only.

Special Features of Saving Scheme

 Member can purchase any kind of jewels under this saving scheme.

 Member can purchase gold or silver coins under this scheme.

 The amount saved in the scheme will be eligible for any purchases inside the shopping mall.

 Member can purchase any kind of goods in the shopping mall (Textiles, Groceries, Electronic items, Bags &Footwear, Vessels, and all other fancy and home needed apparels).