“The greatness of the business is belongs to the Ultimate Service to the Customer”

As per the above words we have stared the thing ‘Serve the Customer at Ultimate Level’ since 1998 with a small effort by the founder Mr.A.ThangavelNadar, who dedicates his entire Ajanta to give life to the word ‘Ultimate level of Customer Service’. He understands the value of customer’s need and he decided to enrich it in dedicated manner, by his greatest observation towards the need of City he established “Velavan Stores” (Textile) in 1998 which is fully committed to satisfy the customer’s need and want. Since 1998 only Velavan Stores can able to reach all level of people and satisfies the heart ofcustomers through its high level of Quality and timely response to the customer’s need& want. This initiations continues, in 2000 we have started food wear shop for travel to accomplish the people’s need.

In 2007 we understands the heart of city, further we are thinking about the customer’s need& want and their expectations accordingly we started ‘Velavan Stores Jewellers’. This initiations further improve us to enrich our customer service with a high level of quality. We Velavan Stores Jewellers is the familiar Jewellery in Tamilnadu. We glad to say that we are familiar for well-designed crafted jewels with an affordable pricing line.

A decade passes, we continuously dedicated ourselves to serve the customer at high efficiency. This continues initiation made year 2012 as a very special year for Thoothukudi as well as Tamilnadu, because in 2012 Tamilnadu has got its first Hyper Market named ‘Velavan Hyper Market’ which was established by our Velavan Stores family. This is very most fortunate thing for us as well as people because now almost we have the capability to serve the whole state with a wide variety of product line under one single roof. Velavan Hyper Market is the only place where people can purchase anything in a single place. Almost we have has all customer needed apparels. People can see an entirely different level of Hyper Market which consist of biggest Jewellery section, a multi-level Textile shop, biggest Supermarket, separate Vessels section, Books & Stationary shop, Electronic apparels, Medical shop and children’s Play Station.